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Our food

Acai Bowls

Our delicious and healthy acai bowls are quickly becoming a favorite of Madeira Beach locals. Extremely high in antioxidants, our acai bowls help prevent free radical damage to the body and provide you with a densely nutritious treat. All of our smoothie bowls, including our beautiful Sunrise Bowl with a blend of tropical fruits and our Frozen Garden Bowl with avocado and greens, are vegan and gluten-free and make for a great healthy eating option…and they taste amazing too!

At Mad Beach Cafe, we want to ensure that our acai bowls are simply exceptional. That’s why all of our acai bowls feature the perfect ratio of smoothie base to granola, creating a refreshing and flavorful experience with every spoonful. Our acai bowls are not only delicious and beautiful to behold, but healthy and satisfying too. Savor the moment of a guilt-free pleasure that is light and leaves you feeling great and ready to take on the day. To make an acai or smoothie bowl an even more complete meal, we recommend adding a scoop of peanut butter on top. Whether you’re after a quick and convenient bite or a sit-down cafe experience, we’ve got you covered every day of the week.

Real Fruit Smoothies

All of our smoothies are made with 100% real fruit and unsweetened almond milk. We never use sweeteners, syrups, or food coloring in any of our smoothies. If you’re looking for the perfect green smoothie our Green Dragon is what you’re after. For our Green Dragon smoothie we add spinach for a serving of greens and half an avocado which is heart healthy and gives the smoothie a perfect creamy texture. Our fruit smoothies are vegan and gluten free.

Boar's Head Meats

Mad Beach Cafe is committed to having the best tasting and healthiest deli meat available and that’s why we chose to partner with Boars Head.  Boars Head is synonymous with quality and folks often ask for it by name.  All Boars Head deli meats are gluten free and contain no artificial colors, flavors, MSG, fillers, by-products, or trans fats.  If you want to make the best sandwiches, you need to start with the best deli meats.  

Bronx Bagels

It has been said millions of times that New York has the best bagels. That’s why at Mad Beach Cafe we ship our bagels in from the Bronx fresh and un-frozen. The unique mineral profile of the water in New York City, particularly the calcium and magnesium levels, strengthens the gluten in the bagels and makes for the best bagels you’ll find anywhere. Pair these with Boars Head deli meats and cheeses and you’ve got the best breakfast sandwiches in Madeira Beach.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Who doesn’t love a delicious fresh squeezed lemonade? For an extra treat, make it a fresh squeezed vanilla lemonade. We make these lemonades to order so if you’d like it more or less sweet just let us know. Want an Arnold Palmer? We’ve got our unsweetened iced tea ready to go.

Vanilla Raspberry Pomegranate Iced Tea

Crisp and delicious specialty iced tea. Brewed in house and sweetened to your taste.

Stef’s Sweet Ice

As the cafe was getting ready to open its doors we were quite happy with what we had created… but something was still missing. We wanted a unique and delicious frozen treat to offer our customers but it needed to be healthy and natural. Once we tried Stef’s Sweet Ice for ourselves we knew our search was over. Offering many different delicious flavors of organic all fruit Philadelphia style Italian Ice, Stef’s Sweet Ice is made with three simple ingredients. Fruit, sugar and water…that’s it! 

The magic comes from Stef’s special recipe, perfected over the last decade. With our Emery Thompson batch freezer we are able to make a perfectly textured and delicious Italian ice that is sure to put a smile on your face and help cool you down on a hot day in Madeira Beach. Stef’s Sweet Ice never uses any food coloring, preservatives, or other additives. Stef’s sweet ice is gluten free, vegan, and always made in house with love. If you’re ready to experience the best frozen treat in Madeira Beach give it a try! Stef’s Sweet Ice also pairs great with a fresh squeezed lemonade to make our beloved Stef’s Slushies! Or try Stef’s Sweet Ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We call that combo a “Radio Ball” and we suggest you tune in.

Build Your Own Sandwich

We try to give our customers lots of options so that they can order their perfect sandwich. We provide a pallet of fresh and delicious ingredients and let you customize as you’d like. All of our deli meats and cheeses are sliced in house daily and our veggies are always fresh so we can make the best sandwiches in Madeira Beach!